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Toenail fungi, whether it is influencing your fingernails or toe nails, is an extensive condition all over the world. Many people do not even understand they are experiencing this problem up until they can plainly see their nails weakening, turning yellow as well as splitting, deforming or getting thicker. Normally, when it begins to visibly show, the fungi is currently well-rooted in the nailbed. Right here, on our internet site, we have actually formerly reviewed nail fungi as well as attempted to give you ideas on just how to eliminate it, as it is not a very easy or a rapid procedure. So, if you wish to know more regarding what nail fungi is as well as some efficient topical nail therapies that you can make use of in the house, click HERE.

Today, we are going to evaluate a top-rated yet debatable product that has actually been made use of by lots of people, generally to treat the symptoms of a fungal infection. That being said, allow’s see what Kerasal Fungal Nail Revival is, what it can do for you, just how it works and exactly how to utilize it so you can attain the best outcomes, quickly.

1 Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment

First things first – Kerasal is not a fungus treatment

Have you noticed exactly how we stated that this product is used to deal with the signs of fungal infections but not the fungal infection itself? Many individuals obtain perplexed when acquiring this item, thinking they are getting a fungal treatment, however in actuality, this is an adjuvant that can be made use of in conjunction with your nail fungus therapy. Why? Since this item assists to improve the appearance of your harmed nails.

What it does

. It enhances nail look in one week, yet you begin to visibly see lead to just two days

. It decreases nail staining

. It normalizes nail thickness

. It moistens weak nails

. It can be utilized in conjunction with other fungi treatments, whether they are oral medicines or topical treatments

So, even though Kerasal is not a fungus therapy, that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial or effective, however. This is a topical solution that can rapidly boost the state of your nails.

If you ever had nail fungus, you might certainly bear in mind exactly how difficult it was (or it still is) to treat. The process can last for months, and also during that time, you are still coping thick, yellow and also warped nails. When you deal with nail fungi, it is constantly recommended to maintain the affected area (nail) as completely dry as you can as well as attempt to wear sandals or any type of open kind of footwear so that you can help damage the fungus by producing an aggressive atmosphere. Fungi enjoy damp and also dark environments, so by doing the opposite, you can assist remove it faster.

The issue is that throughout this procedure, you still need to subject your hands or feet as well as set about your day without really feeling embarrassed. Well, that is where this product can assist in regards to the nail’s appearance. It could not appear much, yet this can be a significant boost to your self- self-confidence. So, hear us out as well as don’t disregard this product till you discover a little bit much more about it.

About Kerasal

Kerasal is a nail restorer that can substantially boost the nail’s appearance, stabilize its density, moisten it and minimize the discoloration. This is a fragrance-free remedy, as well as it doesn’t have any preservatives either. Kerasal was scientifically examined and also, in a recent research study, it was uncovered that most individuals began seeing results after 2 days of use, while 90% of all tested individuals saw a considerable renovation after eight weeks of use. Also after eight weeks have actually passed, the research study revealed that people saw continual enhancements with longer usage. The complete effect can be attained (depending on the severity of your own condition) in 3 to 6 months, implying that the nail feels and look comparable to brand-new.

The concern is, how does this item job? Well, that’s easy. Let’s begin with the active ingredients.

Ingredient List

Unlike numerous various other nail therapies, Kerasal has a brief active ingredient list that integrates just a couple of crucial ingredients that interact to recover the harmed nails. Let’s see what the active ingredients are as well as just how they can assist.

. Urea

. Propylene Glycol

. Glycerin

. Lactic Acid

. Water

. Sodium Hydroxide

. Disodium EDTA


This is the main active ingredient, and also, as a matter of fact, it can be discovered in several skincare products, as well as makeup or hair care products. In this instance, Urea assists by softening the keratin that is discovered in nails and also skin, thus stabilizing the thickness level on the affected nail. For toenail fungus, Urea assists significantly due to the fact that sometimes, the most afflicted nail is the nail on your huge toe, and this can have a fantastic impact on the overall look. Urea additionally has a moisturizing result, hence securing the water in and stopping your nail from splitting and also splitting because of severe dryness. Used in conjunction with an antifungal agent, urea brings great benefits to onychomycosis therapies and it can be a terrific assistant.

Lactic Acid and Glycerin

These two acids, otherwise called AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids), are derived from natural organic sources. For instance, glycolic acid is derived from sugar walking cane as well as lactic acid from milk. They work as exfoliators as well as hydrators when put on the skin. In this case, they protect against nail breakage by maintaining the water in.

Sodium Hydroxide

This is just a compound that maintains the PH levels and also can be located in many elegance products and cosmetics generally.

Disodium EDTA

This is an agent that avoids aesthetic products from weakening, so it protects against rancidity.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a material that is made use of in medication to stabilize the medicines, however likewise as a solvent, to make certain that all components can dissolve.

So, as you can see, the primary active ingredients are Urea, Lactic Acid and also Glycolic Acid. The rest of the active ingredients are simply there to bind them entirely, stabilize them and stop them from deteriorating, thus giving them a longer life span.

Does Kerasal work?

The short answer is indeed. Many individuals have actually tried it by now as well as a lot of them were satisfied with the outcomes. Kerasal works in the feeling that it does what it asserts to do. Generally, the majority of customers understood what this product was, and they had the ability to accomplish excellent outcomes, indicating that their nails obtained thinner, whiter, basically went back to a healthy and balanced state. However, one more point that you must keep in mind is that this product, if made use of alone, will certainly work only in the short-term. This implies that if you quit utilizing it (even after months of therapy), your nail slowly returns to its previous infected state due to the fact that the nail fungus is still there.

This is the part that confuses many people, however points are relatively simple. Kerasal is not an anti-fungal treatment. If you are thinking of buying it to deal with and cure your fungus, this will not function. Rather, if you utilize it to boost the appearance, it works marvels on your nails. The bottom line is if you want to accomplish terrific appearance as well as combat the fungi infection, the very best way to do that is to utilize this together with an anti-fungal treatment. In this manner, your nail condition boosts visibly while you additionally fight the infection, stopping it from returning after you stop using the item.

Where can I find Kerasal Nail Treatment?

Kerasal can be located in stores like Walmart, Target, or Walgreens, however you can additionally discover it BELOW on Amazon. Examine the main website if you have additional questions or if you wish to learn more concerning the product.

What do I get?

Kerasal Nail Treatment comes in a 10 ml tube that can last approximately 3 months if applied as instructed (in slim layers). The silicone tube is extremely easy to use, and you do not need any type of additional brushes or applicators.

How to use Kerasal Nail Treatment

Throughout the initial week, you require to use a thin layer of the item two times a day (in the early morning as well as during the night). It is vital to apply the product on the nail, along with under the complimentary edge for the best outcomes. You can use this both for finger nails and toe nails. After one week has passed, you will only require to apply it once a day for eight weeks complete.

Do not make use of any type of type of polish while treating the influenced nail because it can prevent the product’s absorption as well as it restricts the wanted results.


. It is an excellent temporary service when it concerns enhancing the nail’s appearance

. It is easy to use because of the silicone applicator

. It is odorless and colorless

. It has no preservatives or fragrances, which means it is mild with your skin and also nails

. It has few active ingredients and also they are derived from all-natural resources, so there are no adverse effects.

. It dries quickly, you do not require to await a long time to be able to deal with your day

. The cost point is terrific, it is inexpensive

. You can use it along with any other fungi treatments

. You can begin to see outcomes right away. The nail’s condition enhances from the initial week of use.


. It is not an anti-fungal treatment

. It is not assured to work as advertised due to the fact that it relies on the extent of your fungal infection, the state of your nail and your persistance and also desire to stay on track when it involves the instructions.

. It does not do anything greater than slowly dissolving the nail so it can boost its appearance

Kerasal Fungal Toenail Renewal Therapy

Final thoughts on Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal

Although this is not an expensive item or directly marketed as an anti-fungal therapy, people have a tendency to obtain confused. “Fungal Nail Renewal”, as it is called, does not truly discuss what it does, and that’s why many people buy it in the hope that they can treat their toenail or finger nail fungi. That being claimed, we really hope that we clarified whatever thotoughly, and you obtained a concept about what this item is.

Even though Kerasal can help with the appearance, your primary issue is still the fungi infection. If you don’t desire your infection to get worse as well as eventually wreck your nail, you have to begin treating it with correct antifungal drug.

On the other hand, many over-the-counter antifungal treatments currently have active ingredients that help to lower the yellowness of the contaminated nail, as well as the framework. The only thing that is somewhat different in regards to the nail’s look is that Kerasal can work quicker, so you can start seeing some lead to the beginning of use.

That being said, we likewise have mixt feelings regarding this product. Even if it works as advertised, you could be better off purchasing a topical antifungal therapy that can also aid boost the appearance of the contaminated nail. In the long run, it is up to you. In our point of view, it is best to utilize this item in conjunction with an antifungal treatment for the best results. If you have a serious fungus instance, always speak to your medical professional regarding this as well as comply with the guidelines.

We hope you recognize much more about this item now, as well as it will be easier for you to determine based upon this testimonial. Just bear in mind that nail fungus is treatable and curable, so do something about it today because the earlier you start, the better as well as the faster you will accomplish the very best outcomes and, naturally, healthy nails!

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