Gel Nails vs Acrylics- Battle of the Manicures


GEL NAILS VS ACRYLICS: BATTLE OF THE MANICURESMia Secret Professional Nail System10.4 ounces$

We have seen lots of discussions on the subject of phony nails generally, however when it involves choosing which service to get, which is much better, healthier or a minimum of much less damaging, people tend to puzzle points. Which is better? Acrylic or gel nails?

We determined to resolve this enigma once and for all and aid you understand the distinction between these systems, so the following time you go into a hair salon, you would recognize what to request, confidently. If you are doing your nails in your home, it is just as essential to understand just how to use these items as well as exactly how they work.

Prior to we discuss gels and polymers, let us begin by attending to the general problem: damaging your all-natural nails Phony nails are obtaining criticism lately and also there are great deals of individuals that would encourage you versus them, as you can end up with weak, paper-thin, and total damaged nails. This is not entirely true, and also right here’s why.

The only way your all-natural nails could obtain harmed is through the incorrect application of the product, inadequate preparation of the all-natural nail, inexpensive or insufficient use products, and also most likely the most usual, too much declaring, to name just a couple of. It’s sad, however there are still affordable beauty parlors available that do not have educated nail service technicians, so if you ever before feel like something is wrong, it’s much better to leave than to regret it later on.

If you are doing your own nails at home, constantly adhere to the guidelines that you are offered with and also don’t be rough on your nails when eliminating the item. It’s constantly far better to have perseverance, even if the procedure lasts longer, than to risk harmful your nails.

Declaring way too much as well as eliminating layers of an all-natural nail can result in pain and leave you with slim as well as endangered nails. Some affordable items or inappropriate application might result in also larger troubles, like get in touch with dermatitis or fungal infections. Don’t allow the products leak onto your skin as well as cuticles as they can in some cases cause allergies.

The bottom line is, as long as you comply with the fundamental policies of hygiene, preparation, application and also specifically elimination, the product itself should not create damages whatsoever. As a matter of fact, products like acrylics as well as gels are suggested to strengthen your all-natural nails as well as avoid breaking or breaking, which implies your natural nails would certainly be shielded underneath, so they can grow lengthy as well as solid.

What is Gel?

When we describe gel manicures, we are usually talking about the tough gel that comes in a pot, yet there is additionally the soft gel or gel gloss, so right here’s the distinction.

Hard Gel– it can be thinner, runnier or a thicker-consistency goopy gel that is currently blended and is available in a pot. It remedies under LED or UV light as well as can come to be tough enough to develop a nail expansion. This can be achieved either over a plastic tip or with the help of a form. This tough gel is not porous or soft adequate to be soaked off, so it requires to be filed off with electrical drills or hand documents (hand files take for life to get rid of the hard gel, so the hair salons are making use of e-files rather).

Soft Gel– possibly you currently know, yet this is generally gel polish. It can not extend a nail, but it includes stamina to the all-natural nail, applies easily, just like polish, as well as treatments faster under LED or UV light. The advantage is that you can saturate it off in contrast to submitting it down. To saturate it off, you require to lightly submit the glossy layer (topcoat) up until it becomes matte, put a cotton round soaked in acetone on your nails and wrap them in aluminum foil. Wait 10 to 15 mins and also gently press the gel off with a cuticle pusher.

What is Acrylic?

Polymers are blended right away by incorporating a liquid (monomer) with a powder (polymer). This blend is after that applied to the natural (prepped) nail, designed and allow to airdry. The drying out time is slower, so you have a little bit of time in your corner to mold and mildew as well as shape the acrylic grain into the shape that you desire. Polymers require a special technique made use of for mixing the fluid with the powder, which is typically described as the fluid to powder ratio. This can lead to an excellent bead of acrylic, not as well dripping, nor as well completely dry. Acrylic was discovered long prior to gel. That’s why most skilled nail specialists already know how to deal with it since this was things in the past when they were trained.

The bottom line is that both gels as well as polymers are originated from the acrylic household, so they virtually become a plasticky material. They are various in several means as well as can serve different purposes, however in the end, they’re family.

Now that you know the fundamentals about both systems, let’s go ahead and also discuss the difference between them, what you can anticipate, exactly how to pick and also which one matches you ideal.

Acrylic vs. Gel nails

Let’s begin with gel nails.

Gel nails are versatile

Versatility is necessary, as this is also the building of your natural nails. You desire your nails to be flexible when you bump them versus a difficult surface area due to the fact that they can absorb the shock much better as well as won’t break or damage your all-natural nails underneath. The chances of breaking a gel nail are a lot less than if you were wearing acrylic nails. And also allow’s be sincere, if you wear lengthy nails, accidents take place regularly.


You can apply gel in lots of methods, yet the most vital thing to bear in mind is that the thicker is the layer, the tougher the light would permeate it and the longer the treating time would be. You require a brush to use it, and the application contains hardly making call between the brush as well as the gel, nearly drifting it and also slowly moving it where you want it to go. It’s not too challenging to learn, but it’s much better to begin with thinner to medium thickness gels that have a self-leveling residential or commercial property since they are simpler to make use of.

Gel cures under LED/UV light

For gel nails you require an LED/UV lamp to heal them. Gel provides you all the time in the globe to have fun with it, as it doesn’t heal till you place it under the light. If you are brand-new to gels, this can give you a fantastic advantage and also a far better result. In other words, you might nail it the first time you attempt. If you feel like you slipped up, you can take it off and begin all over once again, in contrast to acrylic, which remedies when it’s subjected to air. The treating time varies relying on the type of light you have and its power. The a lot more powerful the lamp, the faster the curing time, so if you do not such as to sit and also wait all day for your nails to treat, get a powerful LED lamp that would cut your time in half.

Gel elimination

Gel nails are filed-down, they can not be soaked-off like gel gloss. This is the component where you need to be cautious, as over-filing is a significant point. If it’s done correctly, you should not get any damage to your natural nails. Usually, the filing is done with e-files and also special drills.

The selection of items

When it involves gels, you can expect a wide array in texture and product. There are gels that cover the entire thickness spectrum, from the thinnest to the thickest. A few of them are best for overlays, while others are specifically created extensions. Some are created to self-level and they can come in all type of shades and appearances also.

Gel pricing

Gels are generally a lot more expensive than acrylic (both the service done in a beauty salon as well as the products). When it was first presented, it was marketed as “safer” and total “much better” than acrylic. Beauty salons had the ability to charge even more based on customers’ understanding of this system. At the very least now we know that is not real.

Currently, allow’s go on to acrylic.

Acrylic is harder and also extra robust

Polymer is much tougher and stiffer than gel. This can either be an advantage or a drawback. On the one hand, if you have brittle nails, you want something hard on the top so your natural nails would be secured, but if you wear a long set of acrylic nails and also you run across something hard, you may run the risk of damaging a nail or 2.


The grain of product is developed by combining the fluid with the powder as well as using it with a brush onto the nail. As opposed to gel application, the acrylic demands to be pressed into the form with the brush. Comparable to the gel, it is far better to use it in smaller sized grains than in one large bead till you can master the technique. The better and also the result is, the less you would certainly have to file it to produce the form that you want as well as a total smooth surface.

Acrylic doesn’t require a lamp to heal

It’s simple. Acrylic airdries, so you do not need a light to heal it, you just need time. It remedies reasonably quickly, so you better master that method because once it’s cured, you can not do much to change its form. That’s why, it is far better to deal with smaller sized grains instead of attempting to develop a nail with one large bead.

Polymer removal

Polymer is a much more permeable material, so it can be removed by saturating it off. For rate functions, in the salon it’s typically gotten rid of with an e-file, however if you intend to do it on your own in the house, you can saturate it off using pure acetone and a steel follicle pusher. This is the point where you can harm your nails by scraping as well difficult in the effort of getting rid of the remaining product. Do not do that. If you seem like the polymer is not yet prepared to come off, saturate it once more up until it ends up being loose sufficient to gently buff it off.

Acrylic pricing

Acrylic products, along with hair salon solutions are less expensive than gels. Why? Merely due to the fact that acrylic systems have been below for a very long time and also because they obtained a great deal of criticism. Even though today we can find far better high quality products, some people still think acrylic is the primary reason for harmed nails, although it’s not true in any way.

1 DeepDream UV LED Lamp


Whether you utilize gel gloss or a contractor gel (tough gel), you need a top quality light to cure it. There is definitely a wide array of lights available, however we like this one because it’s cost effective, easy to use and also it is loading 54W of power that can treat any type of type of gel on the marketplace. What else?

You have 4 timing modes, showed on the LCD: 15 secs, 30 secs, one minute and a reduced heat setting of 99 seconds, so you can set it and forget it. This UV LED lamp is huge enough for you to fit in both hands at the same time, so you don’t have to stress over running across the sides and spoiling your manicure. It also has a removable bottom part so you can quickly cleanse it.

When you require a flash remedy, you simply need to place your hand inside, as well as it turns on and also shuts-off on its own due to the wise sensors.

This mosts likely to show that you don’t need one of the most costly, trendy or hyped devices on the market, you simply need one of the most effective ones. If you love doing your very own nails at home, we make sure you would wind up loving and also utilizing this light for a long time.

2 IBD Clear Builder Gel


When it concerns building contractor gels, we such as the ones that are easy to use even if you are a novice individual. This one is perfect for newbies since it’s not too thick, it’s very easy to collaborate with and also it has a self-leveling formula that would spare you the trouble of trying to obtain that excellent form. This self-leveling home would drastically reduce your filing time due to the fact that the far better you can get it to look when it comes out of the lamp, the much less declaring as well as shaping you would certainly have to do afterward.

An additional trendy property of the difficult gel, especially the clear one, is its super shiny coating. This contractor gel is great for building a nail from scratch, but you can also utilize it as an overlay to strengthen as well as secure your natural nails. After you’re done structure, you can leave it like it is or you can put any type of color on top making use of a gel polish or a normal nail gloss, whatever you elegant.

3 Mia Secret Professional Nail System


If you want to attempt the acrylic nails, give them a shot with this nail system that includes both the powder and also the fluid monomer. All you require is a good brush and you can start practicing your fluid to powder ratio.

We such as that this set is clear, so even if you screw up a little bit, it won’t stain your skin or follicles. You can additionally locate great deals of choices in regards to shades, but we assume it would certainly be best to start with a clear one such as this and also get used to it prior to diving even more right into the world of polymers.

It’s an economical duo, so it’s ideal for novices. Just bear in mind, if it’s your first time using this system, that the monomer has a strong scent, so it’s best to put a little bit of liquid into a container rather than keeping the big container open while you do your manicure.

4 Bee Natural Cuticle Oil


Despite the items you utilize, or if you utilize any in any way, a completely healthy and also glowy manicure always ends with follicle oil! Nourishing as well as moisturizing your cuticles and also hands is absolutely the best point you can do to treat on your own and also maintain your manicure looking remarkable even if you do not put on any other items.

This cuticle oil is absolutely a lifesaver. It’s created with tea tree oil, which is a natural antibacterial and also sanitizer, lavender, as well as vitamin E. This follicle oil repairs as well as softens the cuticles, in addition to nourishing them as well as the skin around them. You can use all of it over your hands after you’re finished with your manicure, then toss it in your handbag and also treat on your own as often times as you desire throughout the day. It smells extremely good, it’s a reward for your skin as well as it can add to your general wellness.

What can you eliminate from all this talk about nails?

Fake nails, improvements, acrylic or gel nail expansions … everything boils down to personal preference. They are all indicated to enhance your manicure, enhance your nails and also secure them from the environment. It is not an issue of what is much better or much less damaging, as neither of them can genuinely damage your all-natural nails as long as you take care and also adhere to the right steps.

That being stated, if you are doing your nails in your home, there are some essential items as well as devices that you can use to ensure the very best results despite what you decide to use (gel or acrylic).

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