Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit1.9 pounds$$
NYK 1 Power Builder Gel10.6 ounces$
IBD Hard Gel1.6 ounces$
Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail system10.4 ounces$
Gelish Structure Gel2.4 ounces$

An attractive and neat manicure is constantly assured to boost your confidence as well as creativity, in addition to that you look so well put together when your nails remain in good shape. We are not talking entirely concerning nail art or appeals on those long acrylic nails, although you can choose whatever you fancy, but even your all-natural nails can look wonderful with the ideal products as well as a bit of help.

Unfortunately, not everybody can expand long as well as solid nails like you’ve seen in movies because of lots of variables, like genes, nutrition, way of life and even the bad habit of attacking the nails, to name simply a few. If you have fragile and also slim nails that are prone to stopping and also you can’t seem to obtain them to the size that you desire, don’t quit just yet. There are simple methods to fix these problems and ensure a solid, attractive and resilient manicure.

Today, we’re checking out the very best overlays for all-natural nails. Initially, you require to compare nail overlays as well as nail expansions, as they are 2 different things with different purposes, although people often tend to commonly perplex them.

What is a nail overlay?

If you wish to expand long and also healthy and balanced nails, yet your all-natural nails are weak, the first thing you need to do is include toughness. Overlays are items that go on top of your natural nails to boost them, make them solid, as well as total imitate a guard that stops them from braking, therefore, becoming able to reach the size that you prefer. Natural nail overlays are not expansions, but they add a solid layer of tough product. This can be a tough gel, or contractor gel in a bottle or container, structure gel or any type of thick-consistency gels, acrylic or dip-powder as well as even the latest Polygels (a hybrid between acrylic as well as gel). These overlays help your natural nails grow below and secure them from being revealed to the atmosphere.

Beware not to confuse gel with gel gloss. Gel polish is a semi-permanent gloss and also it is normally applied in two thin layers of shade and also completed with an overcoat of the very same gel gloss. However, this semi-permanent manicure does not offer the very same strength as a tough gel does, so it will not stop your nails from damaging.

What is a nail expansion?

Nail expansions are implied to expand the size of your nails. This can be attained with plastic pointers that are glued to the all-natural nail, complied with by an overlay of acrylic or tough gel. Whatever is then filed and also shaped to your choice. This approach adds length as well as strength and also basically produces a new nail in addition to your natural nail, so you can after that choose the form and also shade that you such as. If you have a hard time to grow your very own natural nails and also you need a lengthy set ASAP, this is the fastest means to do it.

So, now that you have a better understanding of the difference between those two methods of boosting and improving a manicure, allow’s look at some overlays. We collected several of the very best items to make use of as nail overlays so you can have strong nails while also appreciating a lovely and clean manicure.

1 Kiara Sky Dip Powder Starter Kit

If you’re not on a spending plan, you don’t like solid smells as well as you do not recognize exactly how to deal with gel or acrylic, the dipping powder system might be exactly what you require to reinforce your nails without needing to understand a particular technique. Allow’s get this off the beaten track: it’s not economical and also you can’t acquire just the powder and also be finished with it since this system needs several actions, not simply a couple of. However, even if it needs much more steps, you could obtain made use of to it quick if you check out the guidelines as well as you don’t have to have any prior experience with any overlays or methods.

Kiara skies has a few starter sets that consist of every little thing you require to achieve remarkable manicures. The products are safe, cruelty-free as well as odor free, which is a fantastic advantage. Likewise, you don’t require any type of added tools like brushes or LED/UV lamps, as the product airdries extremely quickly. An additional benefit that this dip powder system has, is that it does not need a lot of accuracy in your place, which you can’t claim regarding gel or acrylic systems.

It’s likewise easy to eliminate. Just remove the glossy layer with a documents, soak a cotton pad in acetone and also cover it around your nail making use of aluminum foil, then wait for about 10 minutes.

At the end of the day, if you want a relatively quick and also very easy method to enhance your all-natural nails, this is an outstanding alternative to start from. Now, let’s see the pros and cons for this dip powder system so you might choose on your own.


– Resilient product

– Odorless.

– Nontoxic & cruelty-free.

– It doesn’t need an LED/UV light.

– It doesn’t call for accuracy.

– Includes stamina to your nails.


– It can obtain untidy (the powder splashes easily).

– It’s pricy.

– There are great deals of steps to follow.

2.NYK 1 Power Builder Gel

This is a building contractor gel that you can utilize as an overlay on your all-natural nails to obtain a flawless look and a clean manicure. If you have ridged nails, you damaged a nail, they are frequently exfoliating or they are normally thin and also susceptible to breakage, this contractor gel can aid you by supplying a layer of additional stamina.

You can use this as an overlay, yet you can even expand your nails making use of a kind. The most effective thing about this home builder gel is that you can saturate it off, as opposed to submitting or drilling it down. It self-levels perfectly as well as swiftly, which suggests this is not a thick gel, however it’s somewhat on the thinner side. That implies you can manipulate it without producing numerous swellings as well as bumps and it spares you the extra work when it comes to filing and shaping.

It includes an application brush consisted of, so if you are a newbie as well as you do not currently have your own tools, this brush is handy. Now you simply require a lamp, a skim coat that you should apply before you use the tough gel, as well as a topcoat finish.


– Easy to collaborate with.

– Useful for newbies.

– Great for enhancing your natural nails.

– Self-leveling.

– Application brush consisted of.

– You can soak it off.


– Higher rate point.

– Not as strong for building nails.

3.IBD Hard Gel

The IBD is a widely known brand in the nail market, but if you are a novice and also you don’t know much about gel manicures, this item is easy to use, it has a well balanced degree of viscosity (not too slim, nor too thick) and it remedies really fast.

You can use it on your natural nails as well as apply it with a gel brush or use it as a contractor gel, adding a type as well as developing a nail from the ground up. This pink shade is best for creating a French manicure, but you can utilize it on its own to develop a natural look.

This hard gel has a self-leveling residential property, so you won’t have to wait long prior to you can cure it in the light. It cures very quick, of course, depending on the power of your lamp, yet it normally takes one min in an LED lamp as well as three minutes in a UV light. After you apply it and heal it, you can live it as it is as well as you will certainly have a natural-looking manicure, or you can apply any kind of shade ahead (gel or regular gloss) and then complete it with an overcoat. In conclusion, this is a fantastic tough gel overlay for novices, along with the advanced, and also if you adhere to the proper steps, you can attain a professional-looking manicure in the house.


– Easy to use.

– Quick treating time.

– Self-leveling.

– Big quantity of gel.

– Budget friendly cost.


– You have to have a brush to work with this product.

4.Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail system

If you like acrylic systems or you wish to try them out, Mia Trick has pretty good as well as inexpensive products that you can utilize to strengthen your nails. As you may currently know, acrylic is a bit harder than gel and also it calls for two parts: powder (polymer) as well as liquid (monomer) in order to harden. If you are not acquainted with just how acrylic works, it could take a while to obtain comfy and also gain control over the liquid-powder proportion.

This package includes a clear powder and also a container of liquid monomer (do not worry, it’s EMA). It is easy to use, and it does not completely dry rapidly, which means that if you are relatively brand-new at doing acrylic nails, you would certainly have time to see to it everything looks good before it dries out.

The acrylic manicure can last a very long time, some also claim that it might last 3 to 4 weeks. You can put this on your all-natural nail, after you use a guide. This is clear, so it doesn’t have any kind of shade, however bear in mind that polymer is not as clear as gel (it’s a bit gloomy even if you deal with the best professional items). So, if you want a flawless manicure, after you’re done drying out the acrylic, you can color your nails with routine polish or gel gloss. An additional point to keep in mind is that, if you are not made use of to the smell of the monomer, it could trouble you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about individual choice when it involves the distinctions between acrylic as well as gel, but strength-wise, acrylic might be the victor (if you apply it correctly), specifically if you have breakable, thin as well as broken nails. This liquid-powder duo is available in useful for novices that wish to study the acrylic globe, so try it out on your own as well as see if you like it.


– Longer drying out time.

– Cost effective price.

– Combo plan (fluid + powder).

– Great for beginners.

– Lasts a couple of weeks without chipping or raising.


– The monomer has a solid scent.

– If you are a newbie, it can take you a while to grasp the fluid to powder proportion.

5.Gelish Structure Gel

If you are already used to repainting your nails either with normal or gel polish, then you would like this framework gel, as it can be found in a bottle. No demand for additional brushes and also other tools, just a regular gel gloss bottle.

This structure gel can be applied after the base coat and also you can remove the sticky layer as well as leave it as it is, or you can complete it with a gel overcoat. The uniformity is thicker than what you are made use of to see in normal gel polishes, however it’s simple to apply and also it’s self-leveling quick, so if you really did not do a great work the very first time, don’t stress, it will certainly level to an also form.

There are two techniques of using this. The initial one is brushing it on in slim layers, similar to you would make with normal gel polish. Cure each layer in the LED/UV light as well as repeat the process up until you more than happy with the outcome. The second approach is by very first applying a slim layer of the structure gel, cure it, and also on the second layer, be extra charitable with the gel as well as float your brush over the nail, concentrating the majority of the item between (where the peak is). That way, your nails would look a lot more professional and you won’t run the risk of flooding the follicle or creating a level surface area on top.

Overall, this structure gel is a fantastic alternative if you have problem with slim nails, it’s easy to use and also it’s economical. Nonetheless, it does not supply the toughness of a difficult gel, yet it benefits shorter natural nails as you are attempting to expand them out and also maintain them from breaking.


– Easy to use.

– Budget-friendly rate.

– Doesn’t call for additional brushes.


– It’s not as hard as a tough gel.


Despite the product you want to utilize, be it acrylic, gel, gel polish, regular polish and so on, the prep work should coincide, as well as you need to ensure you comply with these steps if you do not desire your item to lift or chip instead quickly.

– Cleanse the nail (you can do it with alcohol) and make certain you eliminate the dust and oils.

– Push back your follicles (carefully) either with an emery board, a silicone stick or a steel tool, yet beware not to pry too hard, as you can damage your nail bed.

– Lightly buff the nail surface with a gentle buffer. You want to produce a surface area that is not completely smooth so the product can adhere much better.

– Eliminate the dust and also use alcohol or a dehydrator to eliminate excess oils as well as particles.

– Put on a guide.

– Put on the product of your choice.


If you have been careful as well as meticulous with your prep work, you should be able to get the most out of your product. Usually, great polymers can last regarding 3 to 4 weeks, and also gels can last 2 to 4 weeks, however it depends upon the product’s top quality, application technique as well as preparation. Additionally, if you want your manicures to be resilient, you need to take into consideration not using them as devices, keeping them in water for a very long time (e.g., cleaning the recipes) or scrubbing up.


Whether you have acrylic, gel or dip powder as an overlay, if you want to take it off in the house, the simplest method to do that without hurting your natural nails is this:.

– first, take a medium course data and gently lover off the shiny layer of your nails.

– soak an item of cotton round into acetone, wrap it around your nail and seal it with aluminum foil.

– Wait for 10-15 mins.

– Delicately scratch the product off. If it’s not yet loose and also it still looks glued to the nail, soak it once more for another 5 minutes or till it ends up being loosened.

– After the product is removed, take a barrier and also smooth out the surface.

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